Elementor Google Map Extended Pro Unlimited


Version: 1.1.7
Updated: 03 Sept 2019

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An Extended of Elementor Google Map Widget – Easily add multiple address pins onto the same map with support for different map types (Road Map/Satellite/Hybrid/Terrain) and custom map style. Freely edit info window content of your pins with the standard Elementor text editor. And many more custom map options.

  • Supports using your own Google Map API key
  • Easily find address latitude and longitude right inside Elementor
  • 4 different map types (Road Map/Satellite/Hybrid/Terrain)
  • Custom map style (support Google Map Styling Wizard and Snazzy Maps)
  • Choose gesture handling types (Auto/Cooperative/Greedy/None)
  • Enable/disable zoom control
  • Edit position of zoom control
  • Enable/disable default map UI
  • Enable/disable control for toggling of map type
  • Edit position of map type toggle
  • Enable/disable Streetview control
  • Edit position of Streetview control


Map Pin Advanced

  • Trigger Method for InfoWindow (On Click/Hover)
  • Custom Pin Marker Image/Icon
  • Map Pin Bounce Animation
  • Map Pin Drop Animation
  • Marker URL with Trigger Method (On Click/Hover)
  • Custom Marker Label Text
  • Enable/Disable Showing of All InfoWindow on Load
  • Marker Clustering
  • Featured Image

InfoWindow Customization

  • Choose different close icon and set different color
  • Background Color, Box Shadow and many more!

Marker Listing

  • This will display your markers information either on the top or the bottom of the map. Clicking on relevant marker will show up on the map.
  • Listing Placement – Top/Bottom of Map
  • Map Zoom Level
  • Enable/Disable Showing of Infowindow when a listing is clicked
  • Easily customise Marker Listing Style.

Map Direction

  • Detect user location for routing to pin destination.
  • Show Direction – This will allow your visitors to search from their current location to the selected marker.
  • Show Text Direction – This will show the step by step directions in text.
  • Location Button Icon – Selection of font awesome icon
  • Route Button Size – Extra Small/Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large
  • Route Button Icon – Selection of font awesome icon
  • Easily customise Map Direction Style.


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