Elementor Google Map Extended Pro Changelog


13 May 2019

  • Enhanced: Marker Listing table heading is now language string translatable.

10 March 2019

  • Fixed: Pin icon not showing up when manual address is entered on the direction from input using Direction feature due to GeoCode.


06 Oct 2018

  • Added: VH unit for Map Height – Now support px and vh.
  • Fixed: InfoWindow on load causing other InfoWindow not opening/closing.


22 July 2018

  • Added: InfoWindow Customization with ton of features
  • Added: Featured Image for Markers (To be used with InfoWindow Customization)
  • Added: Marker URL Trigger Method
  • Improved: Closing InfoWindow on the map
  • Improved: JS and CSS Files
  • Improved: Widget can be used even though license has not been activated
  • Fixed: Marker Pin Elementor not showing up due to Elementor latest update


30 March 2018

  • Minor fix for update checker code


17 March 2018

  • Initial release