Basic FAQ

Activating your Elementor Extended Widgets Plugin and License

  1. Upload the plugin file and and activate the plugin.
  2. Activate your plugin license.

A license key is sent together with order email.

To manage your license keys, log in to your account at and then click on “License Manage” button.

You will be able to Deactivate, Delete, Generate License Key based on your purchased license.

To activate your plugin license, copy an ‘Unassigned’ license key, then navigate to Settings > Elementor Extended, paste your license key in the textfield and save.

Using Elementor Extended Widgets

Scroll along the Elementor panel when editing your page until the Elementor Extended panel appears, your activated Elementor Extended Widgets will be in this section.

Alternatively, you can also type and search for your desired Elementor Extended Widget. Drag into a section or column to use the widget.