Get to know about us

Elementor’s mission is to help users design websites in the easiest, fastest and most streamlined way.

We support Elementor’s mission through the development of Elementor add-ons that focus on beauty, subtle animations and visitor engagement.

Company History

Ken has been designing websites since he was 15 and has put his magic touch on more than 500+websites globally. With a vision for his work to reach a bigger audience, Ken also released very popular WordPress page builder plugins that are focused on helping web developers create great looking websites.

Bryan is a web developer who loves to code and enjoys building systems that help small businesses with operational productivity. Bryan started building WordPress plugins when one of his customers required a booking system within WordPress that had to be fully customized.

In early 2017, Ken identified the disruptive potential of Elementor to be the leader in the page builder space. He met with Bryan to work out a roadmap of releasing plugins to support the Elementor page builder user community and they shared the same vision.

On 24 November 2017, Black Friday, InternetCSS released Elementor Extended Text Widgets and Elementor Extended Canvas Widgets.

InternetCSS is founded in 2017 by Ken Ng and Bryan Ho in Singapore

We’re working to help web developers around the world make the Internet a more beautiful place.