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Introducing Elementor Extended Widgets

Everything you need to impress your customers with Elementor Extended Widgets. Whether you are creating landing pages, basic websites or business websites; adding animated Text Effects and sexy Canvas Effects is like snapping fingers with these Elementor Extended Widgets.

Elementor Extended Widgets

Elementor Extended Text Widgets

Elementor Extended Text Widgets is the easiest way to create interesting and engaging text effects using the Elementor Page Builder. These effects range from text display animations to 3D rotations or anything else you can imagine. Not only that, it plays very nicely with Elementor Entrance Animation Delay. We will be adding more in the near future.

1 Website – $9

3 Websites – $18

Shuffle Text Widget

Use this text shuffling effect to unveil important messages and words to visitors. They will wait for it!

Textillate Effect Widget

Apply unique and awesome CSS3 animations to any text, one letter at a time. Simply amazing!

Rotator Text Widget

Rotate between different text with 3D rotation and animation effects. It’s like a slider, for text!

Gradient Text Widget

Ideal for creating an gradient text impressive titles, text logos, etc.

Typing Text Widget

Eye-catching typing animation that looks like the text is being typed into the screen!

Text-mask Widget

Mask your text with any image to achieve a very cool effect, great for headers and titles.

Curve Text Widget

Complement your design and images with curved text. You now have the power to do so!

Fancy Animation Widget

Text animations for display typography powered by anime.js

Particles Effects Widget

High tech, sci-fi, galaxy, network, block-chain, stars, connectivity. Those are just some of the big keywords you can associate the particle effects with. If you ever had the challenge of adding particles effect to your website, it’s the easiest thing to do now with the Particles Effects Widget. Configure everything from the number of particles to the particle size, particle color (random color setting available as well), line color, set your own custom particle image, and much more. Particles effect can be set within a column or within the entire section.

Wave Effects Widget

Mesmerize your visitors with the animation of smooth and peaceful waves. Configure the wave height, color, amplitude and speed. Add 2 or more waves with different settings and experience an even more amazing effect.
Wave effect can be set within a column or within the entire section.

Elementor Extended Widgets

Elementor Extended Canvas Effects

Elementor Extended Canvas Effect Widgets empowers you to creating stunning canvas animation effects using the Elementor Page Builder. HTML5 canvas gives you the ability to create many different animation, text, and design effects that you can use in any of your projects. Canvas makes it possible to seamlessly add awesome and versatile effects to your pages without making your page really heavy. We are planning to add more soon!

1 Website – $12

3 Websites – $24

Great products include all these

More in Coming Updates

Elementor Extended Widgets has auto-update notifications built-in so you will get notified of new Extended widgets in real-time. We will be adding more effects to our Elementor Extended in the near future.

Native Elementor Widgets

Elementor Extended Widgets are native Elementor widgets so you are able to simply drag your desired Extended Text Effect Widget on to any section or column, change the widget settings, and you are done.

Optimised for Speed

Only related JavaScript scripts will be loaded at the footer to eliminate render-blocking in above-the-fold content when using Elementor Extended Widgets. If you’re only using ONE custom widget, only that particular JavaScript will be loaded.

View Demo

Check out the demo using Elementor Extended Canvas and Elementor Extended Text Widgets. This is just the beginning of our work.


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